• About Us

    After working with teenage girls over the past ten years, I realized that they all had something in common, no matter where they were from; their ethnicity, shape, size, family circumstances etc; it was low self esteem. They felt they weren’t thin enough, pretty enough, bright enough, etc., thus TEENZONE was born.

    Since then, I have worked with many girls from different backgrounds and needs. They have all enjoyed learning in a healthy, fun,environment, and have completed the program with a new perspective on themselves.

    The programs are held wherever the need occurs, to date they have been held in Essex, Deep River, Middletown and Cromwell, but can be held in any town.

    I have many professional colleagues who help me with the program, and I have also recently completed the Mental Health First Aid course; but also the local communities that the programs are held in have been very helpful in allowing the girls and boys into their businesses, and treating them with respect and dignity. From hairdressing salons to food/catering venues,to Martial Art Dojos. everyone has been very generous with services and products.

    The eight, weekly, programs which are geared towards the actual participants, are funded through grants, donations etc., or in some cases the families have been able to contribute. The costs are on a sliding scale depending on the family financial situation. To ask about the costs of sponsoring a program, or donation, please feel free to contact me either by email or phone.

    Thank you